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Family owned & operated since 2004

In the year 1972 both of my parents departed their beloved small town of Torretta Sicily to start their own American dream. They went from rolling hills and farmland to concrete and honking, but the change was promising. After several years of my father running a butcher shop him and my mother had child. In 1981 I, Calogero (Charlie) Badalamenti, was born in Queens New York. I was raised in America for 5 years until my parents decided it was best for me to attend school in their home town. After connecting to my Italian roots I left for America at 18 just as my father did. I started working at my uncles pizza shop on 95th and third, I started there as a dish washer.

Eventually I moved on to making some of our items such as Italian ice. Before long I was moved up to cook and running deliveries. During the years of delivering in New York on a bike I've encountered many chilling and thrilling experiences, And the most memorable moment of delivering wasn't pleasant. The day that the twin towers fell was a day of infamy, but my uncle refused to close shop, we ended up selling everything we had. For hours I pedaled door to door in a dead silent Manhattan being able to hear my tires on the pavement where I usually can't even hear my own thoughts.

Needless to say in 2002 I left New York to move to my current home in Red Lion. Though I did not move hear because of the events of 9/11 but because some family purchased a building in this small town of Brogue. My brother in law Joe said it'd be perfect for me because I grew up in farmlands and wide spread towns in Sicily and the city drove me crazy. The moment I stepped foot out of my car and took in a deep breathe tainted with the odor of manure, I knew I found home.


Serving the city of Brogue & surrounding locations.

Roma's Delight

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Italian Restaurant
2512 Delta Rd
Brogue, PA 17309
P: 1-717-927-8000

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